Parking problems to be reported


Rother District Council’s (RDC) Overview and Scrutiny Committee gets an update next Monday (March 20) about progress with the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE), including parking meters and parking controls, across Rother and including Rye.

East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is producing a draft business case for the change with the RDC, and RDC councillors have been asked to report on known parking problems within wards by March 31.

The Rother councillors have been reminded that this is just a preliminary overview for the ESCC as any progress towards CPE will require formal consultation with residents and town and parish councils.

The business case will include the principal parking concerns, estimated set up and running costs, and what level of charging and/or enforcement might be needed to offset or underwrite these costs, and a timetable for the scheme’s implementation.

Information gathered by councillors will be added to evidence gathered by Rother officers and ESCC highways staff, and a draft plan may be considered by Rother in July (Source: RDC).

  • One pothole problem, in Deadman’s Lane in Rye, appears to have been sorted as the road was closed for ESCC workman to do repairs (Source: ESCC).


Photo: Rye News library

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  1. The pothole filling in Deadmans lane are just temporary patchs, which will dislodge in a short time. The road needs to be stripped and rebuilt from foundation upwards, to make it safe. I feel it was the pothole I hit and drove over; on the kerb side just as you enter Deadmans Lane, that bent the stearing tracking rod on the kerb side of my car. This cost me a new tyre. (Due to excessive wear on the inside edge of the existing tyre) and the cost of having the tracking realigned. It would be difficult to prove, so I had to pay the repair costs.


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