Planning matters

The tree belt from Rye Windmill to Ferry Road

An application has been submitted to the planning authority for the construction of seven dwellings alongside the railway track to the west of Ferry Road, and abutting Mill Lane, Rye between the fire station and the railway (as shown above).

The developer has incorporated features such as part tile-hung elevations to reflect the treatment of other buildings in the vicinity.

The tree belt separating the railway track from the Lower School site

A number of concerns have been raised though, including the risk of flooding and the loss of the green belt of trees, seen from the train when approaching Rye. The green corridor into Rye has particular importance because it mirrors the threatened loss of natural green habitat alongside Station Approach when the Lower School Site is developed (shown right).

The application for the housing on the other side of the level crossing from the Lower School site is expected to be decided upon by February 10.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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