Progress on model’s future


Rye’s Heritage Centre on Strand Quay houses the town model (shown above) which attracts visitors with a light and sound show about the medieval town’s history, but it has been losing money for some years – until the town council felt it could no longer afford to subsidise the losses.

A new charity is therefore being set up to run the centre and Simon Parsons (shown above) reported back on progress to Monday’s town council.

He said this work was progressing well and papers were being put together for the Charities Commission. Fundraising and volunteering initiatives were also under way and the charity expected to be able to operate from April 1.

Anthony Kimber added that the lease needed to be sorted out, along with accounting arrangements separate from the existing town council ones.

Councillor John Breeds moved wholehearted support and the town council noted the progress made.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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