Rolling out the yellow lines

Repainting the lines
Yellow-line machine

Hi-Way Services Ltd arrived back the other night to continue their task of renewing the town’s yellow lines. This was supposed to have been completed last year but, for a variety of reasons (the best one Rye News heard was ‘the wrong colour yellow’!) has dragged on for many weeks. In fairness, however, it has to be said that the continued parking of cars whose owners disregarded notices advising of the re-lining has been the biggest problem.
On this last occasion, the yellow line vehicle reached East Street at around 10pm on Wednesday night, January 31. It was left there with the engine juddering away for 20 minutes or more whilst the driver went to inspect the situation in the High Street. There was no hope of the south side of the High Street receiving any sort of attention though, with cars parked all along the street, but the double yellow lines on the north side looked pristine this morning.
Hi-Way Services are independent contractors to East Sussex County Council and are based in Kent.

Photos: Kenneth Bird


  1. Sorry but this really does seem a pointless excercise, with motorists ignoring these double yellow lines, and it being at least another Two years before the councils implement parking restrictions it’s more money wasted down the drain, as they will be worn out by the time,we have wardens back on the streets of Rye again.

  2. On the basis that RDC has agreed in principle to decriminalisation of parking the police are increasing their enforcement. Part of the deal was renewal of lines so offenders could not claim they were not clear. Rye’s Highways Forum continues to monitor the situation and the Fire Service conducts regular sweeps with an appliance and leaflets vehicles causing an obstruction. The Forum was assured last night that the repainting programme will be completed shortly, weather permitting.
    Meanwhile residents booking deliveries should inform suppliers of the time restrictions and also ask them to ensure that deliveries are made using appropriately sized vehicles.


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