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Many of us have done it and I’m sure many of us will continue to make reference to it, but we may have to have a rethink as it’s not there any more. Skinners garage at “Skinners roundabout” is no more. After the owner, Gary Barlow (no, the other one, not the one from the boy band) relocated his business, Skinners of Rye, to his new premises in Rye Harbour, the old garage site became redundant.

Planning for change of use was applied for and approved in 2017 (Application No:RR/2017/909/P) for “Demolition of existing workshop. Erection of 4 new units with commercial use on the ground floor and residential on upper storeys. Refurbishment of existing three storey commercial unit, creation of two new apartments on the first and second floors. Provision of 6 parking spaces and retention of one of the existing vehicle accesses to the site”

The former Skinners garage showroom, gone but not forgotten.

As the photograph above shows, the workshop has now been demolished and remedial ground works are well under way. Thankfully, the Costcutter convenience store and the Murco petrol station remain, both are very necessary businesses and have proved to be more vital than ever before, particularly during lockdown.

It will be interesting to see the development progress, a challenging site to say the least but now that the showroom has gone, we can’t really call it Skinners roundabout any more, or can we? Could it become “Costcutter corner” perhaps or “Murco junction”, any thoughts?

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. The locals will still call it Skinners roundabout, the same as Jempsons will always be Budgens, Bargain Box will always be Thunders and the pharmacy next to Boots will always be Horrells. Oh and the best fish and chip shop will always be Marino’s

  2. Previously known as Brian’s corner if I recall after a previous garage incumbent. Salts or Fishmarket roundabout might be most appropriate

  3. Why change it? It’s a bit like the corner from Cinque Street into Ferry Road, still known as Bannisters Corner by locals.

  4. Do we really need to dumb everything down so this becomes Costcutter Corner ? I thought Rye was an historic place, not one giant modern convenience. Surely the only sensible name is something that relates to what’s historically around it like Fishmarket or the Salts. Locals can call it what they like, but let it at least have an official name worthy of the small town we live in.

  5. Bryan’s garage was a focal point on bonfire night, all the celebrities who lit the fire went back to the garage for a drink with the bonfire boys, there would be a barrel of beer donated no doubt to raise a glass to what was the best night of the year back in day.
    This may be a bit bias but maybe you could call it Edwards corner after my Grandfather, an old Rye fisherman who lived with his family in Fishmarket Road, was promoted to Kings Corporal in WW1 and was killed by enemy action on the Ypres steps in WW2, oh yes and he also walked passed the corner every day on his way to the Bedford Arms

  6. Salts or Fishmarket roundabout sound good. I agree, should relate to what’s historically around it. Also, will be a big clue to visitors as to where to find the fishmarket!

  7. How’s about calling it Mexican standoff corner.
    The other roundabout by the kettle of fish should be called the magic roundabout as vehicles just appear in front of the the driver who has started their manoeuvre having given way to their right hand side.

  8. ‪Hilders long since gone but the cliffs still there as is Banisters Corner, The Railway Pub has changed its name but is still referred to as such, longs bakery the list goes on. Naomi is right it’s Still Budgens it just comes out, is the name of the roundabout likely to change ? ‬


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