The Royals descend on church


The movies arrived in Winchelsea again this week, as a film crew arrived to shoot an episode of US cable TV series The Royals. From before first light on Monday morning, a caravanserai of diverse vehicles, from mobile kitchens to cherry-pickers, pulled into town and set up camp, but only after having had to manoeuvre between a stream of parents delivering children to school and the refuse lorry trying to do its rounds, all in between periodic monsoon downpours.

The Royals is a US cable TV series described as a “monarchy melodrama”. It centres on a fictional queen and her family. Elizabeth Hurley is Queen Helena, consort of King Simon. They have twins, Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor. There is also an uncle, Prince Cyrus. He has daughters called Maribel and Penelope. And so on.

The interesting list of characters’ names extends to Prince Liam’s love interest, Ophelia. ShOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAe is daughter of Ted, the royal family’s American head of security. Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor has eyes for her bodyguard, Jasper (or was that her personal trainer?).

The Winchelsea episode was filmed in the town’s church and reportedly features Liz Hurley and (Dame) Joan Collins, who is the Queen Mother, but is called Grand Duchess Alexandra of Oxford! However, the only evidence of either lady was a couple of limousines, although in the pouring rain, no one was really looking.

And, once the plot of The Royals was explained, most residents appeared to lose interest very quickly. However, donations by the production company towards the church roof and the village hall were well received.


Photo: E! Entertainment Television

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