Rye Bonfire Society seeks new members

Rye Bonfire Society will be holding their 2023 AGM on Wednesday, March 8 at 8pm in the back room of the Queen’s Head pub in Landgate.

Rye Bonfire needs new members to ensure the Society continues to survive and take an active role, before, during and after the event or we face the danger of no longer being able to run a safe and enjoyable event.

In particular we are looking for fundraisers, marshals, torch makers, chair, secretary, chief marshal and site captain.

Please let us know via info@ryebonfire.co.uk if you need any further information on what is involved and please do consider stepping forward and let us know that you can help!

Image Credits: Rye Bonfire Society .

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  1. When I was a member , prior to 1972, this was a perennial problem even then.
    It seems as though “Ryers”enjoy the spectacle but that is as far as it goes, doesn’t matter that many before them have worked tirelessly to raise both the funds for running the event and the money raised on the night.
    Come on Ryers , show your support. Wish we were closer to perhaps encourage you more.
    Kiwi Life Member.

  2. Probably time for this archaic ritual to end, sending all those pollutants into the atmosphere is not the way these days!

  3. Could have drones instead. I have seen pictures of some splendid aerial displays using them. Shouldn’t cost more than, um, a couple of million quid.

    To be serious, as a child Rye Bonfire Night was THE event of the year. At school during the preceding week we would keep a worried eye on the weather, praying that it wouldn’t rain on Saturday night!


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