Santa’s night out falls flat


The Cards for Good Causes Santa, who disappeared on Bonfire Night, has been found alive and well, if a bit grubby, and returned to his home in the Christmas card shop in Rye Community Centre, writes Jane Nunn. He was clearly led astray and, when he became a bit of a drag, was dumped flat out in the middle of the cricket pitch. Luckily, cricket has moved indoors for the winter months and he was left to recuperate on his own until Rowena Sterry – recently fully occupied as assistant director for Acting Up’s fabulous panto Old Mother Hubbard – took pity on him and drove him home to the shop. A hot bath put him back on his feet and he is back at the top of Conduit Hill advertising the card shop down below. Talking of which, sales have been good this year and half the stock has already been sold. If you haven’t bought your cards yet, Santa says to get down there asap. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm, until December 19.

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