A “people” quiz – but who?


Do you know who these people are? And they include sports personalities as well as actors, film stars and politicians.

1. I was born in London in 1957, in 1984 I was commissioned to rewrite the musical “Me and my Girl”. This project earned me a Tony nomination. I am a keen collector of teddy bears and I once described myself as “Britain’s favourite teddy bear”. I have served a prison sentence for credit card fraud. Who am I?
2. I was born in 1934 and was dismissed from the British army for being “incurably civilian”. I attended RADA, where one of my classmates was Peter O’Toole. I died on August 27, 1967. My autobiography is entitled “A Cellarful of Noise”. Who am I?
3. I was born in Illinois in 1919 and early in my entertainment career I was paid $15 a week as a singing waiter in Los Angeles. At the age of 22 I took the male lead in Handel’s “Oratorio” at the Pasadena Auditorium. I died in November 2004 aged 85. Film musicals I have appeared in include “Kiss Me Kate” and “Oklahoma”. Who am I?
4. I was born in London in 1943 and on leaving school, aged 16, I began work as a clerk.
After a period on the dole, I travelled to Nigeria to carry out community service work and I also worked in a bank for five years. In the 1960s I became a local councillor in Lambeth and was elected as an MP in 1979. Who am I?
5. I was born in New York in 1956 and made my big screen debut in a 1977 low budget movie entitled “Summer City”. In 1985 I was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine.
As a youngster I moved to Australia with my family and later landed my first major TV role in the Australian soap “The Sullivans”. Who am I?
6. I was born in London in 1951 and made my TV debut in 1975 playing a space cowboy called Elmer in the “Tomorrow People”. TV shows in which I have guested include Jonathan Creek, Hardware, Hope and Glory, and Magnum. I was born with the surname of Moffet and my daughter Georgia Moffet landed the role of Alice Larding in the TV drama “Where the Heart Is”. Who am I?
7. I was born in Middlesex in 1942 and, although I am a famous name in the world of music, I have enjoyed a degree of success as an actor, appearing in several films including “Judge Dredd”. I died on March 27, 2000 and in the year of my death I collaborated with Madness on the minor hit “Drip Fed Fred”. Early in my music career I fronted a group called “Kilburn and the High Roads”. At the age of seven I contracted polio. Who am I?
8. I was born in London in 1946 and in 2003 I was appointed vice-chairman of RADA.
In the 2005 film “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. I voiced the character of Marvin the paranoid android. I was one of the many stars in “Love Actually”. I am often cast as the villain and my film roles include Rasputin and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Who am I?
9. I was born in December 1948 and in 2002 was honoured with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. I am a famous name in the world of rock music and one of my songs “Hellraiser” featured on the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The cover of my 1988 album “No Rest for the Wicked” met with controversy, as it depicted several young children sat around a satanic shrine. In 2003 I was seriously injured in a quad bike accident. Who am I?
10. I was born in Colwyn Bay in April 1960 and I died in September 2000. When I was eighteen years old I posed naked for Penthouse magazine. In 1979 I published the book “Rock Stars in Their Underpants”. From 1982-1987 I co-hosted the TV show The Tube. Who am I?

Multiple Marriages-Who Married?

11. A Maxwell, Anthony, Ronald, Peter and Percy?
12. A Nancy, Ava, Mai and Barbara?
13. A Janet, Jill, Christine, Leslie and Lisa?
14. A Nicky, Richard, Eddie, John, Larry and two Michaels?
15. A Marge, Jan, two Carolines, Betty, Elaine and Martha?

16. Who composed the song “Remember you’re a Womble?”
17. Who was defeated in the US presidential election by Barak Obama in 2008?
18. Which English poet and playwright is interred next to Tennyson in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey -he lived from 1812-89?
19. Which actor and all round entertainer won a 1944 Oscar for best actor
in the film ‘Going My Way’ ?
20. Who was the first cricketer to play 100 tests for England?
21. TV comedy – who played the role of Margaret in ‘One Foot in the Grave’?
22. Who wrote the 1993 play ‘Arcadia’?
23. Which tennis player appeared in post-war Wimbledon men’s singles finals at the ages of 19 and 39?
24. Very famous in the world of cosmetics .. .who was born in Krakow, Poland
in 1870 on Christmas Day and died on 1st April 1965?
25. In Her Majesty’s Government who is the minister of justice?
26. Who is the shadow secretary of state for defence?
27. Who is the government chief scientific adviser?
28. Who is the deputy mayor of Rye (shown in the photo above)
29. Who is the prime minister of Australia?
30. Who is the prime minister of India?

1 I am Stephen Fry
2 I am Brian Epstein
3 I am Howard Keel
4 I am John Major
5 I am Mel Gibson
6 I am Ian Dury
7 I am Peter Davison
8 I am Alan Rickman
9 I am Ozzy Osbourne
10 I am Paula Yates
11 Joan Collins
12 Frank Sinatra
13 Tony Curtis
14 Elizabeth Taylor
15 Mickey Rooney
16 Mike Batt
17 John McCain
18 Robert Browning
19 Bing Crosby
20 Colin Cowdrey
21 Annette Crosbie
22 Tom Stoppard
23 Ken Rosewall
24 Helena Rubinstein
25 Robert Buckland
26 John Healey
27 Sir Patrick Vallance FMedSci FRS
28 Andi Rivett (who was working on a mast at Rye Harbour in the top photo)
29 Scott Morrison
30 Narendra Modi

Image Credits: Rebekah Gilbert .

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