Are you a budding Forrest Gump?


I was convinced to join Rye Runners before the pandemic threw everything into confusion. My reasoning that I felt my weight was getting the better of me and I needed to be fitter than I was. I’m not an athlete and if I’m honest, running was never on my wish list or radar but I thought I’d give it a go and signed up!

To cut a long story short, the ten week beginners course was great fun. It certainly wasn’t an easy ride as the instructors, lead by Gareth McCully, certainly put us through our paces but in a nice way. We never felt left out despite our individual abilities, the group pulled together as we were all in the same boat and we looked out for each other.

It was a challenge but Gareth’s sense of humour and totally non-PC view of life got us through the course and as a group we all improved our health, stamina and social circle as a result.

In the window of Nigel Bourne’s cook shop is a poster advertising the next Rye Runners’ beginners course which starts on July 16. It’s for ten weeks and its absolutely free to join. You don’t get much in this life for free so why not take advantage of this offer, get yourself fitter, have fun doing it and make lots of friends and contacts along the way? What’s not to like?

For more information and to register for the next beginners’ course go to and when you have earned the Rye Runners t-shirt. You can wear it with pride. Have fun!

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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