Exercise in disguise for all ages


Daisy Abrahams has been teaching Zumba for many years and realises the benefits are so much more than the classes themselves. She has started a class on Sunday mornings at Tilling Green Community Centre at 11:45am which is open to anyone from kids through to adults, under-16s are free.

“I have been teaching the over-sixties in Rye since 2021 and my classes are flourishing, but I have noticed that there is nothing like Zumba offered in the area. There has not been a Zumba class for all ages in Rye since before Covid, so it really is about time to bring something to the town that people can get to if they are working during the week. My Zumba classes are well established in Hastings and are in fact constantly fully booked with waiting lists, so I think it’s time to expand and bring some of that magic over into Rye: why should Hastings have all the fun?

“Zumba is the original dance fitness party which combines music from around the world with popular hits from the charts and even some cheesy oldies. The routines are easy to follow, with a range of impact levels which I will consistently demonstrate, and the class is suitable both for people just starting their fitness journey and those who have been working out for years: I see them all in my classes. It’s not about perfection either; as long as you’re moving around safely and having fun with it, it doesn’t matter how you get grooving! Sweating, smiling, whooping and wiggling is guaranteed because Zumba is exercise in disguise and I can genuinely say you won’t even realise you’re doing it, which is impressive as it can burn around a thousand calories in an hour’s session!”

Zumba is a wonderful way to get fit

Her first class on Sunday, April 7 was a great success, thirteen people enjoying the hour’s exercise and fun. She is looking forward to the class growing in size and welcoming all ages to join in the fun.

Image Credits: Daisy Abraham's archives .

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