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You may have noticed some recent changes at Broomhill car park, situated just outsidef Camber. The staff at the Kitesurf Centre have been busying away through the winter months on a new school and shop, ready to open this spring. This is to replace the now defunct remains of the old outlet, as the converted steel shipping containers have slowly succumbed to the worst of what the English Channel has thrown their way, rendering them no longer fit for purpose.

What’s on offer?

The new complex has a spaciously laid out shop, stocked with everything “kite” from fun out-of-the-box trainer kites to wetsuits, kitesurfing boards and beyond. New additional facilities include a picnic and chill out area, a classroom for teaching lessons, changing rooms allowing customers to try before they buy, and wetsuit cleaning facilities. Perhaps most impressively the entire facility is powered and watered using solar power and collected rain, making it a truly off grid green facility.

Rupert Cawte, one of the directors, is pleased with the end result, reflecting that the design was partly based on the need for more floor space, post pandemic, whilst also catering for the expansion of the business and the increase in products now on offer.

“Our larger shop space has allowed us to extend our range of stock to be more family friendly; in addition to a full range of kitesurfing equipment we now stock children’s kites and wetsuits for summer beach fun.”

The Kitesurf Centre

New Management

There is also a new addition to the team. Jen Taylor is now the manager of the other half of The Kitesurf Centre – the school and she is looking forward to inviting back familiar faces and welcoming new customers from near and far, and has brought forward her own ideas in addition to the usual repertoire of courses on offer.

“We’re keen to get more families having fun outdoors after lockdown. Our power kiting, kite buggying and kite landboarding lessons are a great introduction to kitesports, suitable for ages 8+. For adults and teenagers who are keen to learn to kitesurf, both our private and group kitesurfing lessons are available now.”

Expanding markets

Like many businesses responding to the pandemic, the team have been forced to take a fresh look at their customer base. Following on from a largely London centric clientele, they are now diversifying their packages to appeal also to residents in the surrounding towns and villages. One such service is taking customers paddle boarding down local waterways.

“We hope to excite the curiosity of residents by offering them a different perspective of a land familiar to them. Our paddle boarding excursions will allow customers to enjoy a day of drifting down rivers, exploring the local flora and fauna, and trying a fun and accessible sport, all whilst remaining sensitive to the local ecology,” Tristan Cawte tells me.

Covid-19 compliant

In response to the pandemic, the team have put into place measures to ensure that both the shop and school will be run in line with government guidelines.

“Outdoor sports are the safest way to stay active and The Kitesurf Centre team operates in line with government Covid-19 deadlines. Our new and large changing rooms, indoor and outdoor classrooms and meeting spaces allow staff and customers to appropriately distance and we have a firm Covid-19 management policy to guide students and shoppers visiting the centre,” Jen tells me.

For more information

If you would like to get involved in the wonderful world of kite flying then take a look at The Kitesurf Centre blog, which contains many useful articles on how to experience the joys of this fun, green and accessible sport.

For any questions and bookings you can reach the team on 07563 763046.

Image Credits: Alex Thomson .

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