Padel in the pink


Showing that pink is not just for Barbie this weekend, Rye padel club held a fun tournament on Sunday.

Padel is the fastest growing racket sport in the UK and is a cross between squash and tennis, played with 4 people on an enclosed court. It is easy to learn, very accessible and more social than tennis. Here in Rye we are very lucky to have 2 courts at the tennis club on Military Road. The club is perhaps more associated with its beautiful grass courts, but the padel section of the club is thriving.

The tournament on Sunday was sponsored by Pinkster Gin. Around 30 padel players dressed in pink and enjoyed a morning of fun but competitive sport, with prizes provided by Pinkster and match play tips on hand from coach Richard throughout the morning.

The padel club is always looking for new members. There are regular club sessions for all levels, from complete beginner to advanced. The regular Sunday morning groups are open to all and everyone is welcome to come and give padel a try before they join. But be warned, once you play you will be hooked!

For more details contact the club
01797 233151

Image Credits: Claire Myatt .

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  1. For readers’ information, the annual fee for an adult wishing to play padel at Rye Tennis Club is £212, while the adult fee for tennis only is a rather hefty £401. Perhaps Rye Sports Centre might consider introducing a public padel and/or tennis court for local people, especially as the pool has been taken offline. Failing this, may I suggest that the existing tennis court(s) at Rye College is upgraded with suitable mesh fencing and local members of the public encouraged to play outside of school hours and terms. It’s unclear whether residents can in fact play tennis on the school courts in the current holidays and I’d be grateful if a staff member could inform me what the situation is. We need to be thinking outside the box when it comes to sporting facilities provision in Rye. The tennis club is a great asset but another option is needed for those people unable to afford private fees, or who simply wish to play on a more casual basis.


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