Try open water swimming


Swim trainer and triathlon coach Hazel Fulker is starting open water swim sessions at Rye Watersports lake adjacent to New Lydd Road (roughly half way between Rye and Camber). Currently scheduled from 6.30am – 8am on Wednesdays and commencing June 21, this is a great place to swim with clean water and other boating activities finished for the day. If demand warrants it, there may be a session on Sunday morning and one weekday evening each week.

To swim here you will need to be a competent swimmer and wet suits will almost certainly be required. But you don’t have to be a triathlete or in any form of training, just come and enjoy the freedom of swimming in open water, unrestricted by side walls, ropes and lines on the bottom.

Contact Hazel Fulker for further details at for further details.

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