Young swimmers win their badges

Get ready.......all eyes on the Coach
Get ready . . . all eyes on the coach

The swimming pool complex at Camber Holiday Park was a hive of activity last Monday, November 28 when young swimmers, between 6 and 10, and who have been coached throughout the summer by Hazel Fulker and her team, were given the opportunity to show off their new swimming prowess.

The badges are awarded
The badges are awarded

Some had started the year as complete non-swimmers, while others had some degree of ability and could be classified as improvers. In both cases, all demonstrated a remarkable degree of confidence in the water with everyone achieving a minimum distance and a few managing 50 metres. (This is the same distance as the length of an Olympic-sized pool, so no mean feat).

A small triathlete-to-be models next years must-have training accessory
A small triathlete-to-be models next years must-have training accessory

Hazel is not only a swim coach but is also a keen triathlete and her enthusiasm is clearly infectious as no less than 15 of her youngsters will be starting to train for junior triathlons in the New Year.

In the meantime both students and coach get a well-earned break until January when swim school and rookie beach school re-start.

In addition to junior swim schools, Hazel coaches both young and adults of all ages in swimming, running, triathlon and general fitness.

Details are on her website and Facebook or she can be contacted on 07980 905296, email

Photos: Carol Macdonald and Hazel Fulker

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