The best sloe gin

16 fine examples of sloe gin, ready for judging

Last Friday saw the much-awaited sloe gin competition in a packed-to-capacity Olde Worlde Wines.

Some sixteen hopefuls had entered their gins and three judges, who had proved immune to bribes, tackled the task of, between them, sinking sixteen large glasses of potent liquid, ranging in colour from pale pink to deep red.

Organiser Dennis Leeds-George (right) presents the cup to Ollie Campion

With only one or two exceptions, the entries were of a very commendable standard (although one did elicit a comment from an unofficial taster, later of, ‘tastes like nail varnish’).

Eventually, after much discussion among the judges, the 2019 winner was declared to be the entry provided by Ollie Campion. Interestingly, we were told that this was the very same gin that he had entered the previous year and which the judges had not marked very highly. Perhaps a year maturing had made all the difference….or maybe it was the judges.

Just a reminder that this Friday sees a final light-hearted evening of gin and cocktails at the Mermaid Inn from 7:30pm.

Image Credits: John Minter .


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