The bus is back

Rye Community bus - an essential service for the elderly and disabled

At the end of last week, a white mini-bus suddenly reappeared on the streets of Rye – but not quite as we know it. However it was a 326, the Rye Town Service run by Rye and District Community Transport (R&DCT).

The Little White Bus is back … with a masked driver

But seats are limited for now to six passengers (to ensure two metres social distancing) and to stop infection you are given a hand sanitiser as you get on, the driver is fully masked with a plastic hood, and travellers need to be wearing a face mask (some of which are available on the bus).

As neither doctors’ surgeries or hospitals are particularly wanting visitors at present, the routes may vary for the time being, and the bus I caught took me to Boots in the High Street instead of up Rye Hill.

But, eventually, things will get back to normal. If you have any queries notices may be posted on bus stops or you can ring R&DCT on 01797-227722

Image Credits: Rye News Library , Rye & District Community Transport .


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