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Traffic lights are in operation on Rye Hill by the junction with Military Road for at least another week while the gas main is replaced and Rye Hill will then be completely closed off at the railway bridge for another two weeks – or, at least, that is the current information.

Nick Forman’s photos above and below (taken on Thursday morning) tell the story.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. During the “second phase” will there be access to Rye via the Military Road? If not a lot of households will be cut off from their primary sources of local supplies. If this is the case surely under current conditions the work should be stopped.

  2. Sorry Steve Rutter I disagree. It is the ideal time to get this work completed with the current lockdown. If you walk into town, to the few open establishments it is not very different to usual, perhaps a bit easier to cross the road as there is less traffic at the bridge. If you are driving then Jempsons in Peasmarsh is easier to get to and back than Rye by car from Military Road or North Salts.

  3. So what is the answer to my question – Will I be a able to drive to Rye via Military Road when Rye Hill is shut?

  4. The answer is you will have to get into Rye via Deadmans Lane and The Grove as the works,once completed in Military Road, will [we are told] move to the Rye side of the railway bridge at the bottom of Rye Hill blocking access completely.
    If you want to get out of Rye to Military Road or indeed anywhere up Rye Hill from the railway bridge you will have to go out on the A259 to Brenzett , then turn left to Appledore and the Military Road.
    East Sussex Highways suggested a route via Hastings and Northiam, but others have pointed out it would be quicker using the Udimore Road.
    However if you are only interested in getting back to Military Road, probably going via Appledore is the answer. And if all you are worried is getting into Rye, Deadmans Lane seems to be the answer.

  5. Thanks for that. I have read the online info regarding the granted road closure licences and the details and timings are as clear as mud. I will do my best to avoid, of course.

  6. Update, I have just received a email from SGN .
    Military Road will reopen late on the 31st March . Rye Hill / Bridge Place will be Closed to all traffic from the 1st April for 2 weeks.

  7. A rather misleading comment from a councillor in the know, Rye hill is open to the junction with deadmans lane,for traffic coming from playden, lets not confuse this issue,there is enough chaos and confusion,over these road works,without adding others.


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