This bin is binned

The overflowing refuse bin

After several weeks, if not months, of the refuse bin in Rope Walk by the station car-park having been out of commission with a black sack over its head, we are pleased to learn that Rother District Council (RDC) intends to replace it, according to latest information from Rye Town Council. The bin facility is sorely missed at this spot. Has the bottom has dropped out of it? Might we expect to see its replacement installed any day soon?

[Editor’s note: Sadly, the answer is probably not, as RDC is not noted for getting out its wallet too often for expenditure needed in Rye. Just a small thing, but another example of the don’t-care attitude of the Bexhill-based RDC.]

Photo: Kenneth Bird


  1. There’s something funny going on with bins around Rye. As a dog walker I often need a bin and generally know where they are but there have been mysterious goings on at the top of the hill.
    There were 2 bins, right next to each other, at the entrance to the cemetery and another by the bus stop opposite the medical centre. Good when you’re doing a short dog walk around in a loop. This third bin though vanished some time ago and left me waving a bag of poo at familiar faces driving by! (I’m so sorry for that!)
    Then one reappeared at the bus stop but it was probably one of the two by the cemetery. And then the one remaining bin by the cemetery moved across the road. I can only assume it did it by itself as I have never seen anyone move them and going by it’s dented top, it nearly didn’t make it!
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the missing bin ends up in rope walk at some point!


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