Time for a quick kip before . . .


Christmas can be tiring, particularly if you are a reindeer (taking part in Rye’s Christmas celebration “Great Expectations”) so any chance of a quick kip is to be welcomed, and no doubt we may feel the same over Christmas.

And perhaps we may have felt the same on Saturday December 12 as it was a long and very full day as Rye celebrated Christmas – but well worth remembering – and these are some of the best photos (and highlights) from the day that Rye News has not yet published.

Pessimists as ever, the RNLI lifeboat was on hand in case Santa fell into the water. And there was a huge crowd, waiting for that. But Santa landed safely and very quickly made a few small kids extremely happy as he glad-handed his way along the quayside. Anyone would think it was an election!

The High Street was packed, but an oasis of calm was the Cinque Ports Street car park where various rides, including the obstreperous bucking reindeer, awaited for the children. These included a train, which relied on neither diesel engines nor electric rails to get it from Croydon to Rye, and proved very popular.

Equally popular was the ice rink down by The Strand and we feature a young lady in red, very delicately balanced on her skates. But the day has to come to an end eventually and the streets emptied leaving The Standard and The Mint looking very Christmassy.



Photos by John Minter, Kenneth Bird, Seana Lanigan and Ray Prewer

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