Travellers come and go


Residents in Valley Park off the Udimore Road in Rye were startled around 11am on Monday morning when a convoy of vehicles drove down, across the grass and along a path – in order to cross the stream, circling back into the recreation area.

Travellers had arrived and the police were swiftly called – as were solicitors because the residents own the land, and it is not a public park.

Police serve papers on Valley Park travellers

The police eventually arrived and pointed out they had no powers as it was private land but, after consulting their superiors, notices were served on the travellers who eventually drove off after lunch – leaving some litter to be cleared up.

The travellers then moved to the cattle market car park in the centre of Rye, but departed on Tuesday.

The Valley Park Board who look after the maintenance of public areas on the estate had been swift to act and seek help and (for whatever reason, which may have included misbehaviour elsewhere over the border in Kent) Sussex Police did move them swiftly on.

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Gillian Roder , Kenneth Bird .

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