Vandalism in the early hours


In the early hours of July 18, The Crown pub was targeted by a gang of youths. All the windows were smashed with hammers and hit so hard that one window’s double glazing was also smashed. The youths were caught on CCTV, but were wearing hoodies so will not easily be identified. However, one of the youths was videoing so if you hear of anyone showing off the video please let Gennette Stevens, The Crown pub landlady, know.

When interviewed Genette said that she just felt sick: “I have been in Rye for fourteen years and have built up the trade at the pub and created a happy, family-friendly place where children are welcome. I live above the pub and was alerted by a neighbour who heard the attack happening and rang my son.

“There has been a spate of vandalism recently at Tilling Green and Valley Park and homes have been targeted and windows smashed. Two cars were torched, too, creating anxiety in the neighbourhood. Also, Mahdi, the Indian restaurant on Cinque Ports Street had its front door smashed.

“We have all worked hard to build up our businesses since the pandemic and it breaks my heart to have to fork out thousands of pounds to replace the window. I love Rye and my regulars and it is a shame that a minority can cause so much damage and unrest.“

The Crown is a 200-year-old listed building and some of the glass in the windows is irreplaceable.

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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  1. Once again vandalism and unsociable behaviour is blighting our town, and once again I ask the question, why have we got a large undermanned and underused, police station costing thousands upon year,after year.with no police presence, maybe whoever is in charge of Rother Police could answer my serious question.

  2. Dreadful to read of vandalism in the town; not casual smashing of a window, but what appears to be planned economic attacks. Surely these yobs (for that is what they are) have homes and families and so someone is probably shielding them.

    What is particularly noticeable from the article is the absence of any mention of the police. Perhaps people no longer have any expectation that the police will do anything in cases such as this. Meanwhile, I hope insurance will cover the probably not insignificant costs involved in repairing the damage.

  3. Rye is not imune to crime or vandalism but what always puzzles me when I read about an incident that has taken place in the town centre is why nobody sees or hears anything. There are plenty of people living in the centre of town, plenty of occupied second homes and plenty of visitors who come and stay. Did nobody see or hear anything at all, did someone witness the vandalism but isn’t coming forward? Is someone stopping them coming forward, is there a more sinister reason behind the silence? Do we need to consider adding more CCTV cameras in town? Is it just me or is there a wider issue here?


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