VE and VJ Day Credits

Councillor Andi Rivett and John Gurney mending the flagpole at St Mary’s in preparation for the flying of the church flag on VJ Day.

This year, because of Covid-19, we have had to commemorate VE and VJ Days virtually and this was the first time that we have put together virtual events – and, naturally, several people contributed from their safe locations:

Colonel Anthony Kimber, president Rye Royal British Legion
Neale East, chairman Rye RBL
Paul Whiteman, standard bearer Rye RBL
Paul Goring,  Rye town crier
Councillor Michael Boyd, mayor of Rye
Councillor Rebekah Gilbert, deputy mayor of Rye
Councillor Jonathan Breeds, former mayor of Rye
Councillor Andi Rivett
Canon David Frost, chaplain Rye RBL
Paul O’Brian and Lewis Spall from Gutsy TV

Image Credits: Rebekah Gilbert .



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