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A short while ago, and following the requisite number of requests from the public, the Town Council were forced to call an election to fill the seat left vacant by the recent passing of John Izod.

The seat could have been filled by co-option, with the Council interviewing the candidates and choosing the one they thought best suited to the job – this was the case after the resignation of Sam Souster last year. The cost to the Council (and therefore to Rye ratepayers) of co-option is virtually nil. The cost of an election, however, is estimated to be £3/4,000 or possibly more if polling cards are printed and issued to all registered to vote.

At the moment, however, we understand that polling cards will not be issued and it is going to be up to the candidates to make themselves and the basis on which they wish to be elected, known.

The field is as follows:

Sam Barnes, Cinque Ports Street   –   Independent

Marie Ann Breeds, The Strand   –   Independent

Matt Follett, Fairmeadow   –   Independent for Rye

Gerard Reilly, Udimore Road   –   Labour Party

So far, little is known about most of the candidates or their reason for standing, although Marie Ann Breeds clearly has family form in local politics and Gerard Reilly doubtless hopes to reduce the socialist deficit in the council chamber.

However, over the next two weeks Rye News will put this right and we will be talking to those candidates who are prepared to talk to us (which, we would hope, will be all of them). If you, our readers, have any questions for them, please put them in the comments box below this article or email




Photo: Rye News library

Image Credits: John Minter .

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  1. What, if anything, are the candidates proposing to do regarding the increasing nuisance of enormous lorries roaring along the two narrow lanes of Udimore Road? Apart from the noise nuisance to residents, the speeds at which these juggernauts travel around the bends in the road are bound to result in a head-on collision sooner or later. They are also a hazard to pedestrians walking along footpaths that are very narrow at some points, passing people with only a few feet to spare. Furthermore, what is their position regarding the disgraceful state of the Landgate?

  2. Let’s also not forget South undercliffe, an accident waiting to happen, sadly over 25 years ago, the nimbys of Rye rejected several options of different routes around the town, and many people, are suffering from noise and pollution, sadly we still have people stuck in the 20th century, who still oppose, a much needed bypass for our town


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