Why did no-one tell us?


Next Monday, March 29, should see government announcements about further easing of the lockdown just as the school holidays start and Easter approaches, and it may see the end of the “stay at home” message. This this week has seen many memories of the past, difficult year, recorded in various articles in this week’s Rye News.

However rising infection rates in Europe and elsewhere have already put a damper on thoughts of a holiday abroad so “staycations” may be the alternative choice.

And, of course, we are used to Camber Sands attracting large crowds even back in the last  century, measured in thousands, which is why both the police and Rother District Council (RDC) have offices in the central car park, shown above, which may survive even if the car park is sold off.

So, if the weather is good, the long four day Easter weekend, April 2-5, may see large crowds descending on Camber – as they do (see photos below) – and, apparently, RNLI lifeguards will be in place. But will the police and Rother District Council have got their acts together?

RNLI lifeguard training at Camber Sands 2021

And, indeed, with new parking controls in place, will we see East Sussex County Council’s traffic wardens in action issuing enforcement notices as visitors park where they like?

With elections coming up in May for the county council, an RDC by-election covering Camber, because our new MP is stepping down as a Rother councillor, and the police and crime commissioner election, voters in Camber, Rye and the surrounding villages may see whether they get value for money over the Easter weekend.

And, indeed, it may be a chance to see whether our MP can deliver on her promises made to Camber residents as well.


Image Credits: Nick Forman , kt bruce , Kevin McCarthy , Carol Macdonald , flavourbossldn , Rye News library .

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  1. Does this article have the wrong headline ? I expected to read of some surprise revelation – what was it “no-one” told us ?

  2. Yes, curious title – what was it ‘no-one’ told us? All of this has been in the governments road map for over a month. I have a list on my studio wall: 27th April – outdoor gatherings of up to 6 allowed (including private gardens); 12th April (or the glorious 12th, as I know it) outdoor hospitality (PUBS) and non-essential retail open; 17th May (the new Mayday as I have christened it) Hospitality and almost everything else can open and serve indoors; June 21st – the new normal – capitalism restored. All of this is of course is dependent on 4 criteria being met – they are fairly obvious but can be found anywhere on the government website. No real mystery here is there?

  3. Simon and Phil are quite right – and I was trying to be too clever in the headline.
    “Why did nobody tell us ?” is what I expect the police and Rother District Council to say if Camber is swamped next weekend by visitors – and Phil hits it right on the nail.
    All this has been on the Government’s road map for over a month, and we all know that Easter is a long weekend with two Bank Holidays and the school holidays (because it is every year).
    So if the government takes its foot off the lockdown pedal, and the weather is good, what will happen at Camber Sands ? Probably chaos (as some of the photos in our story showed from previous “hot spot” weekends). But there will still be some afterwards saying – “Why did nobody tell us ?” and others will be asking them “Why have you done nothing since last year ?”

  4. My Dad used tell a story of driving a fire engine all the way to Camber on the wrong side of the road because of people queuing for the car park and that was back in the 60’s so this ain’t exactly a new problem.
    I see a lot of “why haven’t the authorities done something” but I’d be more interested in what those same people suggest is done to this problem and if there is a solution who’s going to pay for it, not me I hope.

  5. In other small beach communities in the world, where there is one road in and one out, there’s also a gate and a system for limiting how many vehicles can enter at one time, with residents of course always permitted. I have never understood why this isn’t the case for Camber as well – especially in light of the problems that too many visitors cause every year.

    • Susanna, a nice idea but aside from the financial implications an impractical one with the access to Camber being a through road to other towns and villages


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