Winchelsea bye election


Following the surprise resignation of the latest co-opted parish councillor for the parish ward of Winchelsea (see A Very Casual Vacancy), this time within a month of being co-opted, a group of residents has called for a by-election. They say their aim is to try to ensure that Icklesham Parish Council does not once again ignore candidates from Winchelsea and co-opt a resident of another ward, as the council has done on two previous occasions.

A notice signed by more than the required 10 voters was sent to the Returning Officer at Rother last week. However, Rother has yet to acknowledge the demand and announce a bye election. Once that happens, there will be a call for candidates to come forward. It is understood that one of the Winchelsea signatories is willing to stand as a candidate. Whether there will be a contested bye election may depend on whether parish councillors from other wards try to field their own candidate.

Photos: Richard Comotto

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