A quiet winter at Strand Quay?


Strand Quay has been cordoned off and is likely to be so until next February for work to be carried out on the quaysides. This means that motorbikes will not be able to gather on the quay and so will have to take their noises somewhere else.

I hope that this work will give us a few months of peace although I expect the pavements around Strand Quay will become the new parking grounds. Fingers crossed anyway.

Image Credits: Tony Roi .

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  1. Why not just block it off permanently, it obviously doesn’t fit in with the sleepy hollow way of living in Rye, the town is now not much more than a living museum, Airbnb centre and homes for the rich.
    Shopping is almost non existent, absolutely nothing for the young of the town, no jobs above minimum wage, house prices are ridiculous, who can afford £500,000 for a terraced house and so on.
    Enjoy your quite life because I reckon it’s going to get even quieter in the future.

    • Imagine a world where the residents of Rye and all the surrounding villages hardly noticed the bikers were around because they were not speeding, did not constantly overtake law abiding car drivers, were not revving their engines so they could be heard for miles, did not scare the wildlife and house pets, showed consideration for the locals, and had to pay to park at the Strand therefore contributing to the local economy. Wouldn’t that be harmonious?

    • Sorry to upset some people, especially those living close to the Strand, who’s lives could be blighted by so much worse, but I really like the look, sound + presence of motor bikes. The riders clearly spend a great deal of money, time and effort keeping their bikes clean & in good, safe condition. They’re friendly generally older chaps who like to get together, use the local cafes & chippy. As long as they ride safely, it’s a mystery to me what the problem is, are they doing any harm to anyone or present a threat?

  2. I’m a Rye resident and motorcyclist, all those who park on the strand are not noisy trouble makers , a good percentage are men of middle age on machines costing more than the average family car , they are not louts out to cause trouble.
    I agree there are some who rev engines but that is rare , also whether the strand opens again or not you will continue to hear bikes and you will still have them ride through the town as it’s on a main road .
    I’m sure the cafes around the strand area will miss the trade , as for paying to park there I would and I’m sure most others would as well

  3. Mixed reactions to my post. We all know that the majority do not make a lot of noise but the minority continue to do so. It is a shame that the quiet majority do not censure the noisy few. Some of the bikes are naturally noisy, I am talking about Harley Davidsons. Many seem to have straight through exhaust systems that do nothing to silence the engines even when they are idling, okay on the open roads of North America but a bit inappropriate in the UK. The bikers can still come to Rye and spend their money, they may just have to pay to park like all the other visitors. They should be able to afford it as we are continually being told they ride very expensive machines.

  4. A great opportunity to re- imagine this centre of Rye life. What about pop up food kiosks, cocktail bars, sun lounges to attract people to the river side. Re-using this space to attract people is something other towns and cities have done with rivers, canals and harbours. Come on Rye! Let’s bring renewal to this lovely area rather than just a motorbike car park!


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