A259 disruption to tourist season


You reported the programme for roadworks on the A259 to be undertaken in 2018.  I would suggest a different order to the three phases of proposed roadworks in and around Rye.
Phase 1 change to Phase 3
Phase 2  remain Phase 2
Phase 3 change to Phase 1
Timing is everything in Rye – a tourist town – and to interrupt with roadworks slap bang in the middle of the tourist season strikes me as at least lacking common sense, verging on stupidity.
Changing the phases would not alter the costs of the works, just the timing.  However, having a consultation meeting in May after work has commenced is ridiculous.

Photo: Rye News library

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  1. I contacted Highways England prior to Christmas as I was concerned about the Phase 1 closure of the road from Skinners to Camber Road as this meant nearly a 20 mile detour if using the road in the evening. Several e-mails later, the person replying still didn’t get my point. I was recently advised that there were no signs in Rye because that work wasn’t being done till June, despite their initial info stating that the road would be closed from Skinners to Brenzett in January for 3 weeks. The sign at East Guldeford says 1 week and thankfully the road to Camber isn’t closed. It appears they don’t know what they are doing, or understand the impact on locals. Their latest response seems to indicate that the road will be closed from Rugby Club to Skinners at some point in June!


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