Appeal to MP on Studio School


Dear Ms Rudd,
I am 17 years old and currently studying film-making, acting and music at Rye Studio School. The time at the school truly brings out the best in all students, I believe. The whole concept of the Studio School started out with great intentions and has improved opportunities for younger people across the board, myself included.

On March 9, we were all shocked to learn that the school is not going to be taking new students in September 2017. I am finishing in July 2017 and I hate the idea that I am leaving behind a school that is having to rebrand completely in 2018/19. I have had a fantastic two years there and to deny other talented young people the same opportunity is a travesty.

Whilst I must admit that many different factors contributed to the shocking outcome of the situation, our government should take a certain degree of responsibility when it comes to education. I, and I’m sure I speak for countless others, believe our government is not fulfilling its duty nor acting in the best interests of the public, much less taking on board concerns of the younger generation, to which I belong.

I appreciate that times change and not every school will remain open and stay the same for ever, but one must acknowledge that one of the direct consequences of cuts to the education budget puts the creative arts and the opportunities of younger people under threat – it’s unacceptable.

I cannot emphasise how important this school has been to my development, both personally and in the film, music and performing arts industry.
Please, do not stand by and allow this tragedy to happen in our constituency.

Yours sincerely,

Dominic Buxton

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