New parking area for the bikers


On Sunday, February 5, now that Strand Quay is temporarily unavailable for many motorbikes, the bikers have found a new free parking area. Strand Court was used as a bike park by fourteen motorbikes, all parked in the pedestrian precinct, accompanied by much revving of engines. They obviously have no consideration for local residents.

Image Credits: Tony Roi .

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  1. Dianne..because when a biker puts their parking ticket on their bike a car driver usually help themselves to it..for free parking. Hope this clears this up for you

    • Isn’t that a rather sweeping statement? You’re saying car drivers ‘usually’ steal parking tickets off bikers motorbikes to use for themselves. Do you have evidence that that’s a common occurrence?

  2. To be fair to the bikers who as far as I’m concerned are most welcome, new parking signs have been put out by both The visitors centre and Strand Court and have been respected by the bikers, those that have parked in the area have parked more considerately so the problem has hopefully has been solved.


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