Lion Street residents in jeopardy


A copy of a letter to the police from a Rye resident about the inconvenience, danger and lack of concern from a persistent and uncaring nuisance parker

Good morning PC Fielder,

Sadly we continue to have major problems with the Turners Fine Foods delivery van in Lion Street six days a week, despite the assurances the company director previously gave you about resolving the matter. The driver will not park anywhere else except opposite my house. As you can see from the photograph all traffic for up to half an hour today, and yesterday for more than an hour, was being forced to pass dangerously close the front door here and the door of The Golden Fleece shop. On several other occasions the driver has also moved our dustbins outside the house by placing them in our front porch in order to allow vehicles to squeeze through this very narrow gap. By so doing she is doubly obstructing access for my eighty two year old mother to and from the house. I would be most grateful if you contact the company directors again and remind them of their previous undertakings. After all we know that one of them came here once and witnessed the problems for himself.

Thank you

Nick Taylor

Photo: Nick Taylor

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