Motorcycle menaces


Dear Sir,

We have recently moved to Rye and our house overlooks the A259 and the
Strand. We love it! But I could never have anyone for tea in my garden because
for the last couple of weekends we wouldn’t have heard ourselves speak because of the
unbelievable noise of motorbikers roaring to and fro.

As a newcomer, you could have knocked me down with a feather that anyone
could possibly put up with that level of decibels every time the sun so much
as showed her face. This encouraged me to stop and chat to fellow walkers as I was on
my daily dog walk, and I was staggered to learn that it was completely normal in the
summer and, that although people complained, nothing happened.

In fact, I was so amazed that I started to jot down peoples’ comments on
the situation as a testament to what everybody thinks. I attach some of those comments here, which I think make interesting reading.

March 5 2021 – Excessive Motorcycle noise: Comments heard and written down in the last fortnight

It’s been going on for years, and nobody does anything about it. My baby woke twice during her nap last Sunday.   And her room is at the back of the house.  I would never have bought my flat in The Strand if I had known.    And (same woman)….. Years ago they fined noisy cars.

 They (cyclists) change their exhausts for the MOT, and then change them back again after.  They terrify my children.  We’re moving.   But we’ll never sell in the summer. Our representatives do not look after the people who pay/vote for them.   It’s as sad as that.  At weekends I wake and open one eye.   If the sky is blue I curse.

 It’s not just Rye.  It’s all the roads and surrounding villages. Where do they all come from…..under stones! How is it that so few can adversely impact so many lives? They take the baffles out of their exhaust pipes. We shut our windows and doors in the summer, and it gets unbearably hot sometimes.

Where are the police ?

Where are the Police??  It’s a scandal!! The noise abatement laws are there but nobody enforces them. It’s not just the noise, it’s the speed.   It’s terrifying and against the law. Last weekend they were all breaking Covid regulations as well. We are crying in the wilderness and no-one will listen. It’s just a scandal that we all have to put up with this shocking, shocking racket…..year after year.

If I had a gun, I would shoot their tyres!  Physical and mental health can be badly affected apparently. If it was me in my car, I would be off the road by now…. (and his wife said)…. Some of the older one are charming and considerate.   It’s the young ones that spoil it for all. The irony is that they are researching the proposal to up the sound-proofing of their helmets – that is more important than protecting the public!


This letter was sent to us at before the shocking attack on bikers reported in the more recent article.
The thread on this letter is now closed so please submit your comments on this subject to the more recent story.]



Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. One must feel sorry for Caroline Everett, but surely wherever you buy a property you do a search of the area before you proceed, yes some of the bikers are out of order,just like cars speeding at 60mph along where i live in New winchelsea road, military road aswell,and boy racers racing around station approach, it has been good too see the police more active in Rye during lockdown, and hopefully they will continue and adress the problem of the few, that spoil, it for others.

  2. Not living far from the Strand, most Sundays are spoilt by the noise made by inconsiderate motorcyclists during the summer. I know it’s the minority and the 20% 80% rule applies, 20% ruin it for the rest and like all anti social behaviour, the perpetrators really don’t care.

  3. “Recently moved to Rye” sums it up nicely. The bikers have been part of the Rye scene for years, and many of us (who have lived here for decades…..) love to see them. What next for you? Demand that church bells are silenced? More street lighting in country areas? Get rid of noisy cockerels? I’ve heard all these (seriously) from incomers over the years. Rye is a vibrant living community, not a dead dormitory for retired people.

    • Mark, are you serious? No one objects to motorcycles just the antisocial ones who think it’s ok to make a racket and spoil residents weekends.
      I’ve lived in the town for 40 years and you’re right, Rye is a vibrant town and why I like living here. All people want in some reasonable peace, not much to ask?

  4. Of course a little money would be needed, but it would help if the 30mph limit at all entry points to the town had speed tables (these are raised sections of road, an elongated speed hump – Google it). All traffic, including bikes, would be forced to slow. Military Road, where I live, would not be a race track. Also, the 30mph limit on the New Road, needs to be moved back to Salts Farm. The short stretch between Salts Farm and the rugby club is an open invitation at 60mph for racing bikes. The speed table could encompass the junction with the Camber Road, it would assist in safety for all. Clearly signage is not enough, physical barriers are needed to stop both speeding bikes and cars.

  5. Thank you dear Mark!! As an ex-farmer and also chorister, I love the sound of cockerels and church bells.
    And they are well within the law. The decibel levels of some of the bikers just aint.

  6. Should anyone wish to report any antisocial traffic noise/speed/incident, the Police now have a dedicated website for leaving such messages, which I would urge everyone affected to use as often as needed. Also, photographs and number plates would help them.
    Let’s do this to support the majority, and weed out the minority who spoil everyone’s peaceful lives.

  7. im a biker when i ride in to rye into the 30 limit and im doing 30 the cars just overtake me good news is 4 got stopped by the police just shows you how car drivers just dont care see its not just bikers speeding but always the bikers who get the blame.


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