Pugwash film in Rye?


A live action film of Captain Pugwash could possibly see film crews once again in Rye’s historic streets.

Isabel Ryan, the daughter of Pugwash creator John Ryan, told an audience at the Rye Arts Festival that funding was currently being sought for the movie and that she strongly hoped that Rye would be involved in the making of the film.

However, Ms Ryan warned that local people should not hold their breaths too much about the possibility of the film, because funding such ventures was notoriously uncertain and could be a lengthy process.

With the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise making extraordinary profits at the box office, there is perhaps a good chance that a Pugwash venture would be successful.

The photo above is of an original John Ryan story board picture which was used in the TV series. The various characters are individually connected to cardboard levers which allow the animator(s) to move them. Several of these were shown to the audience by Isabel Ryan in her recent talk at the Rye Arts Festival.

The fact that Isabel Ryan gave two separate talks on Pugwash instead of the one originally scheduled, shows that Rye’s incompetent pirate still retains pulling power, 65 years after his invention.

Image Credits: Isabel Ryan .

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