Rye Hire to the rescue


Earlier this week I had the unenviable task of unblocking a drain, luckily I had a set of drainage rods so off I went, into the breach, and without going into too much detail the task was more difficult than I had thought. My set of rods reached just over 9 metres but, living in the sticks and being on ‘private drainage’ the offending drainage run was considerably longer than anticipated.

I needed more rods, not tomorrow, not next week but today so, as a regular customer of Screwfix I made contact but the only set they had available were in Eastbourne, too far to go in the time available I decided, so I started searching elsewhere including Toolstation and more local builders merchants but, to no avail.

I wanted to buy rods which were compatible with the ones I had which combined, would give me the reach I needed, rather than buy a whole new set which I would be unlikely to use again for some time.

I kept on coming up with ‘out of stock’ or ‘available on line within 48 hours’ but nothing was available now. Then I had a light bulb moment… what about hiring some? I got straight onto Rye Hire, explained what I wanted and the young man I spoke to said “yes, we have at least 50, 1 metre lengths in stock now, how many would you like”. Bingo I thought and reserved 15 lengths which I collected 20 minutes later. I then unblocked the drain, cleaned the rods then delivered them back to Rye Hire about two hours later. The cost, a very reasonable £11.80 for 24 hours hire which, compared to the cost of buying a whole new set of rods was very good value.

Andy Polley in the yard of Rye Hire

It’s ironic that with the might and spread of the internet and with all the fantastic offers found online, when I needed something the same day, the only place I could find it, in the time I had available was in Rye, virtually on my doorstep. This is a service second to none, the young chap who served me initially couldn’t have been more helpful and when I returned the rods later that day Andy Polley  (pictured above) served me and concluded the transaction, what a gentleman and what a great business.

It will be a tragedy to lose Rye Hire from their existing location, but we can all do our bit and support them by signing the petition to help them stay. They provide a necessary service, they are a very professional and knowledgeable operation and we are so lucky to have them in town. They will bend over backwards to help if they can, they care and they matter, let’s not let them down.

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Kenneth Bird .

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  1. This is a great local business that deserves our support on so many levels – please support the campaign by Rye Town Council and Rye Labour Party to save Rye Hire being lost to developers

  2. They are champions. Will deliver and collect hired items such as tree stump removers. The shop up the rickety stairs are an aladdins cave! If something is not in stock they will order promptly! My only complaint that Dad aged over 90 is still working refurbishing bikes etc. my objection was soon demolished by Dad who says he loves working, keeps him fit and out of mischief…..!
    Always a pleasure to go in on any pretext!
    Can we club to-get her and buy Rother’s ownership out?

  3. In my opinion you’re so right, Nick, having local services in Rye – or any other relatively isolated community – is a massive benefit to residents – and, of course, the planet. Rye Hire work to provide those excellent local services and I think they deserve all the support we can give. I was wondering, is there any mileage in Jill Halpin’s final suggestion? I suppose it would depend on local people’s response – ie our response, and whether RDC want to sell the land for any purpose other than providing more homes in Rye.

  4. Rye desperately need more social homes for the less fortunate young families that wish to stay in the town,but not on the land which is currently leased to Rye hire.As we are seeing flats and house prices going through the roof,which is not good for the town,as the wealthy snap them up, for second homes,buy to let,and holiday let’s., Rother had land adjacent to the Camber fields path, which once housed Rye families in Nissan huts, many years ago, and it would be interesting to know what other land and property is still in their hands, not including the Landgate Arch, which they have failed to maintain properly over the years.

  5. There’s absolutely no chance of housing where the Nissan huts were, one word, Flooding.
    Can anyone remember that area ever flooding?


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