Rye looks after a visitor


Dear Sir or Madam

On Tuesday July 5 I was on holiday visiting Rye when I had a fall into the road and cut my head badly.

I want to say thank you so much to the people who helped me. There were two off duty paramedics, a man from the cafe/restaurant where I fell and passers by who were all so kind and caring and picked me up and patched me up. I don’t know their names but am truly grateful to them.

Thank you also to the nurses and doctor at Hastings hospital who stitched and bandaged me up.

I think Rye is a lovely town and hope to visit again one day.

Thanks again

Thank you for your kind words, we know that they will be appreciated by those who were able to assist you. We hope you have now fully recovered. – Editor

Image Credits: John Minter .

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  1. The gentleman mentioned from the cafe was a member of staff in Cafe Zara who helped and cleaned the area of blood and stayed with the lady until a taxi arrived


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