Rye News faces a challenge


Your concept is admirable; your editorial and production team impressive. But to be truly representative you will need to get among the fishermen, the footballers, the builders, the pub regulars, the students and the commuters; among the gardeners and farmworkers as well as the farmers; and not least among the many who don’t use computers. The task is challenging and I wish you every success.
Patrick Bonham

The Editor replies: Patrick Bonham applauds our initiative, but asks how it can involve the whole community? The answer is that Rye News is a vehicle, for use by the community. We can reflect news and views like a mirror, but the substance depends on our readers supplying the ideas, the information, the leads, the articles, the events, the advertisements (which are currently free). To create and keep a lively publication, we need help and input from everyone. Let’s be hearing from you – make it relevant to our community, interesting and constructive and we’ll give it an airing.
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