Spraying toxic chemicals


The sun is coming out, and our parks are filling up with children playing, but Rother council is spraying toxic pesticides all over our streets and parks, just to kill weeds. The World Health Organisation has said these chemicals, called glyphosate, “probably cause cancer”.

Several European cities have already banned them, and now they’ve been joined by Edinburgh, Brighton, Aberdeen and Glastonbury in the UK too. People-powered campaigns stopped these toxic chemicals being sprayed elsewhere – a huge petition could see Rye become the next place to take a stand.

Environmental organization 38 degrees is inviting local people to support their campaign by signing a petition online to get these chemicals banned from our streets and open spaces.

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  1. I have signed this petition. I am delighted that RyeNews have made this matter public and do hope that other concerned residents will also sign the petition and let Rother District Council know in no uncertain terms that the spraying of toxins in Rye is just not acceptable.

  2. Before we start banning everything under the sun it would be wise to take a long, cool and informed look at some of the products also deemed ‘probably carcinogenic’ by the same organisation, the IARC. The list is long and really rather curious. It includes:
    Aloe Vera
    Grapefruit juice
    Thyme, spearmint, sage and cinnamon
    Star anise, sunflower seeds
    Pickled vegetables

    More can be found at the senseaboutscience.org website and others.


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