Spreading watery cheer


One of our readers has contacted us with news that Southern Water, having apparently been so ashamed and contrite over their mismanagement of waste water this year, are sending out Christmas cards to customers.

Now I am sure the cards, in the quantities that one assumes will have been printed and sent out, have cost very little each and barely made a dent in the £212 million operating profit that the company made in their last financial year, but I can’t help feeling, and in agreement with our reader, that even that amount of money would be better used to try and improve what is an appalling record of poor water management.

As a PR stunt, this will only serve to come back and bite them and one must just hope that Rudolf and his fellow sleigh-pullers don’t need to refresh themselves with water straight from our local rivers or Santa might find himself missing much of the reindeer-power needed to complete his work on the night of December 24.

But maybe Southern Water have a supply of get well soon cards ready to send out, too.

Image Credits: GypsyGirlS / Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/reindeer-elk-deer-buck-antlers-5635891/ Pixabay https://pixabay.com/service/license/.

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