The true spirit of Benson


Just seen a screening of the first episode here in Rye, and I must say it was excellent. It gives a good feel of the books, although it does take incidents from Miss Mapp, and I think the next two episodes will use other incidents from Queen Lucia and Lucia in London. However, the feel and sense is right. I did enjoy it very much indeed. There was much use of Benson’s dialogue. Anna Chancellor, Miranda Richardson and Steve Pemberton were just right, and the supporting cast were excellent. Rye looked superb! I am sure it will bring many people to the town. The film quality is excellent and the details just right.

The LWT series was good and will always have a place in our hearts, but I was impressed by how this interpretation captured the spirit and dryness of the books. It is a great addition to Benson on screen. I cannot wait to see it again and the further two episodes: if it remains at this level it will be tremendous and bring many new people to the books. Keep looking in the Radio Times to see when it is being broadcast, believed to be around Christmas.

Allan Downend
Secretary, EF Benson Society

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