Vote with our wheels


I would like to congratulate you on your coverage of Rye v Jempsons. It’s a shame they cannot leave things as they are, two hours was fair and enough time to shop there and at other shops. Seeing as they have no competition in the town I don’t see the need for these charges.

One section of the population I feel sorry for is those without motor cars as they are forced to accept the exorbitant prices Jempsons charge for their produce. If you use public transport it is difficult to carry a week’s family shop on the bus or train.

A last word on the parking charges: if we don’t like it we should vote with our feet, or in this case wheels, and boycott the store in future.

Michael Christopher Berry

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  1. I shop at Jempsons from Choice. I regular drive from Winchelsea Beach to shop at Jempsons in preference to other local supermarkets. I do not think Jempsons prices are unreasonable on the whole. I like the choice they offer and the friendly service. I am in favour of the charges (They are still cheaper then council car parks) even without the refund. In most other towns, Council run paid car parks are the only option.

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