A festive quiz


This is the final quick quiz of 2023 and with a festive theme, put together and submitted once again by Vic Vicarey. Thanks Vic for taking the trouble to submit your quizzes, it’s great to be able to add a little light hearted fun into Rye News and we look forward to receiving more of the same in 2024.

1. When did Good Friday fall on Boxing Day?
2. Who were the three opening singers to the charity Christmas song Do they know it’s Christmas?
3. Who recorded Walking Backwards for Christmas?
4. What was the most watched Christmas TV show of all time?
5. Which country started the tradition of putting up Christmas trees?
6. What did My True Love Give to me on the eighth day of Christmas?
7. Who’s eyes are all a glow in the Christmas song?
8. Where was Chris Rea driving?
9. What year did Queen Elizabeth II give her first Christmas broadcast?
10. What Christmas number one features these lyrics, When the kids start singing and the band begins to play?
11. What well known Christmas carol are the following lyrics from The rising of the sun and the running of the deer?
12. Who was lonely this Christmas in the 1974 number one hit?
13. What song did St Winifred’s school choir have a number one hit with at Christmas 1980?
14. What day gave Cliff Richard a number one in 1990?
15. Which little animal entered the charts in 1959?
16. Which tale did David Essex take to number two in 1982?
17. What did Dora Bryan want for Christmas in 1963?
18. Whose Christmas alphabet went to number one in 1955?
19. Who sang Merry Christmas Darling in 1972 and again in 1990?
20. Who was in a Winter Wonderland in 1958?
21. Who was crowned king on Christmas Day in 1066?
22. What year was a Christmas truce reached in the first world war?
23. What year did Apollo 8 orbit the moon?
24. How many ghosts showed up in A Christmas Carol?
25. What word follows Silent Night in the carol of the same name?



1. Good Friday was a horse who fell in 1899 in a race meeting on Boxing Day
2. Paul Young, Boy George and George Michael.
3. The Goons
4. Only Fools And Horses
5. Germany
6. Eight Maids a milking
7. Tiny Tots
8. Driving Home for Christmas
9. 1952
10. I wish it could be Christmas every day
11. The Holly and the Ivy
12. The pop group Mud
13. There’s no one quite like Grandma
14. Saviour’s Day
15. Little Donkey
16. A Winters Tale
17. A Beatle
18. Dicky Valentine
19. The Carpenters
20. Johnny Mathis
21. William the Conqueror
22. 1914
23. Christmas Eve 1968
24. Four Ghosts
25. Holy Night

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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