A tale of two Charlies


As the nation is told that King Charles has cancer, another “Charlie” with cancer returns to Rye News after some years away – except for contributing the odd gardening story.

King Charles followed former Rye News editor Charles Harkness (pictured above at home) to Cambridge University as an undergraduate and is now following him as a cancer patient. But Rye’s “Charlie” is making some progress and was on the spot to report on this week’s railway tragedy on Monday.

Some years back however pre-Covid he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, followed two years later by a diagnosis of bowel cancer – and he had to step down as editor. The prostate cancer is expected though to have been successfully treated, with a hospital call confirming that diagnosis this week.

However the bowel cancer required surgery in 2022 (which proved to be major) and he nearly died, but he recovered and was clapped out of his ward by the staff for his fight back. This strained his system though and he nearly died again later the same year after being rushed to A&E with heart and blood pressure problems.

He must have recovered though (during the course of 2023) as he could be seen at the Bonfire Society’s Abba singalong dancing last month, as stopping “feeling sorry for himself” was a cure recommended by a caring girlfriend.

Mamma Mia sing along

The same girlfriend suggested dancing at home to folk music to get fit (following his disastrous visit to a leisure centre exercise class as his co-ordination was somewhat lacking) and Bellowhead can be heard regularly echoing around Valley Park.

His interest in folk music from the 60s, while working as a journalist “up North”, had been revived by Fay Hield’s concert last August during Rye’s arts festival, the start of his slow recovery.

King Charles should therefore be reassured that the medical profession is well equipped to deal with cancers, particularly those that men can get, and perhaps the Queen can help if he wants additional advice.

Rye’s Charlie would like to thank all those who have wished him well and also thank St Mary’s for the persistent prayers for his recovery.

King Charles

Image Credits: James Stewart , Kt bruce , Photo by Mark Tantrum/ http://marktantrum.com) https://gg.govt.nz/image-galleries/7806/media?page=3 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.

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