A trip down memory lane


People love classic cars because they are nostalgic and take us back to an age of glamour and of innovative designs that are not mass-produced. The designs are beautiful in every way, and the shapes would never be produced today.

Designers had more freedom and the cars of bygone years were elegant, sleek and beautiful. Mechanically, they were quite different too. Modern cars have on the whole a sealed unit for their engines whereas classic cars celebrated the engine design and the parts were on display once the bonnet went up.

These classic cars offer exclusivity and allow people to belong to a special classic car community. Ideas are shared, memories evoked, and new friendships are forged.

Jason Lee Reynolds was drawn to the display of cars this year saying: “There were some great looking cars this year and some amazing colours. I love how passionate the owners are and hearing how they built their cars up from a bare shell. The restorations are superb. I am a Ford Mustang man myself and ohhhh I was not disappointed at the turn-out.”

Tony Edwards captured some great shots too. He was a mechanic in the Merchant Navy and has a keen interest in anything mechanical. He loves the cars and trucks and lorries too. He told me that it was the engines that captured his interest more than the cars. With the bonnets up all the majesty of creative engineering was there to see and to talk to the people who had so lovingly restored them was great.

Image Credits: Tony Edwards , Oliver Lucas , Nick MacRae , Jason Lee Reynolds .

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