A Webb of intrigue


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of bumping into Janet Webb whom I’m sure many of you know. She and her late husband Alan were the owners of the Mill Bakery for many years, leaving in 1976 to open Ye Olde Tuck Shop until 1994 before taking retirement.

For those who have visited the Town Hall in recent years, you will have noticed a bread barrow ‘parked’ in the butter market. It’s been there for over forty years and has a fascinating story which Janet felt she would like to share with you. She also kindly supplied all the photos in this article.

Prior to renovation

Below, is a paragraph Alan Webb wrote in 1999 which explains all.

“The barrow was used to deliver bread in Rye Town up to the late 1930s. I can clearly remember, at an early age, sitting on top and being pushed up Udimore Road by Ted Pope as he delivered bread. Bread was packed in the main part of the barrow, the smaller box across the handles was the flour box and carried 3lb. bags of plain and self raising flour which had been weighed and packed by hand in the bakery.

“The barrow was stored in the Mill for some years and when we went to the Tuck Shop I had it renovated and, not having space to keep it, placed it in the old butter market at the Town Hall opposite the Tuck Shop.”

Outside the tuck shop

Over 40 years later, Tom Pollard of Kenardington has done a superb job renovating the barrow once again and it is now back in full view in the Town Hall for us all to enjoy once again.

Alan Webb arriving at the Town Hall on leaving Mill Bakery

Thankyou to Janet for taking the time and trouble to share this wonderful memory with us, a fascinating story and another piece in the jigsaw of Rye’s rich cultural history.


Image Credits: Janet Webb .

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