Advertising eyesore


When so much is being done to make Rye look the best it possibly can for locals and tourists, the big billboard on Wish Street is a very sad sight. It’s been that way for months. Peeling paint on the woodwork and tattered bits of poster filling the hoarding, the site is unloved, unattractive and lets the town down. The top piece of the frame has fallen off and the bottom support looks in need of urgent repair. Layer upon layer of advertising posters slowly decaying, and as each day passes the whole hoarding looks worse and worse.

The board is in a prime position on the main route into the town centre. Hundreds of tourists see it every day. Thousands of cars pass it each week, many stuck waiting for the barriers to lift at the level crossing on Ferry Road. It literally is a poor advert for our town.

So who is responsible for the parlous state of the advertising hoarding? The only clue is a tatty sign on the top right corner with the number 2251. It’s probably one of the big multi-national companies that run thousands of boards across the UK, however it might be a local firm.

The only clue about ownership

If you know, let Rye News know and we’ll ask them what they’re going to do about it. Preferably before it completely collapses.

Also, if this prime advertising site in town isn’t going to have an advert on it, what should it show instead? A poster about one of our town’s big events? Something shouting about Rye’s brilliant community projects? An ad for a local tourist attraction? Or perhaps a work of art by one of the many creatives in Rye?

Personally I would stick up a huge logo advertising the Ryecast podcast, but then again I might be a bit biased.

Image Credits: James Stewart .

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