Co-workers launch new venue


Husband and wife team, Jane and Dan Brook, who opened the first co-working venue in Rye at The Old Cinema last September, celebrated the launch of their second venue, The Brewery Yard Club, in the Landgate, at a party last Friday, March 1.

While the first venue, Space, offers facilities for entrepreneurs and freelancers to “hotdesk”, the Brewery Yard Club expands opportunities beyond the simple renting of desk space. The newly renovated building will offer a boutique destination space for business events and includes a co-working lounge, a content creation studio and a variety of workspace solutions.

A programme of regular professional workshops are aimed at helping people improve their skill-sets while a variety of personal learning and social events are scheduled to provide further benefits to the co-working community.

“Whether you’re freelancing, running a small business, working from home or planning a start-up, being part of a co-working community brings plenty of opportunities to collaborate” says Jane. “Members make meaningful connections, share expertise and ultimately become more productive and grow their businesses.”

For more information go to the website, email or telephone 01797 222857


Image Credits: Chris Lawson .

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