Coronation celebrated in a unique way


Postbox toppers hit the headlines in 2012 when they were created to celebrate the Olympic Games in London. They were a great hit and everyone loved them. In 2020 a group was set up called Random Acts of Crochet Kindness to help people smile during the pandemic. These random acts were very popular and certainly lifted people’s spirits in dark days.
The coronation gave the knitters and crochet artists another incentive to show off their skills as captured in the photos which tell the story more eloquently than words and showcase the amazing skills of our creative country.

Regrettably, there is a sad note to this story because quite a few of the toppers have been stolen.

Heather Godwin pictured in the lead photo told me: “I first made a topper last year for the queen’s platinum jubilee. They take many hours to make, probably about thirty, but it is the putting together that takes the most time. Last year the queen’s three corgis took ages, they were so fiddly.

“Our Pett on the Knit group started before lockdown, people just making what they wanted, when they want and then I sent the items, toys, etc to Knit for Peace, a charity that provides clothes for people in the UK and war-torn areas of the world. In 2021 we made thirteen colourful coats for them. I’m now thinking of contributing to a new project in the autumn called Hug in a Blanket – an organisation which provides personalised blankets made from squares for babies and young persons living in the UK who have long term life limiting, terminal, physical or mental health conditions”

Image Credits: Kt bruce , John Reynolds , Kate Sims , Rachel Williamson , Sandra Birch , Lisa Plucknett , Jenny Goddard , Barbara Anne Priest , Vicki Gage , Steph , Josie Roff , Vicky Wood , Deanna KIng , Bas Hickford .

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