Creative homes for creatures


Calling all birds, bugs, bees, bats, and hedgehogs, are you looking for a new home? Then come to the Rye Community and Wildlife Garden.

Creative Homes for Creatures at Rye community gardens

A stunning array of creature homes decorate all corners of this lovely community space for you to enjoy. Take your pick out of this stunning selection, there is something for everyone.
If you are one of our feathered friends, then there is a wide selection of bird houses for you to choose from. They are sustainably crafted by hand from wood and tree bark, some with soft feathered exteriors, some with mossy roofs, but each one sturdy and beautifully crafted for all your needs.

Creative Homes for Creatures at Rye community gardens

Bats are more than welcome too. There are two wonderfully wacky designs of houses for you – one more gothic in style if that takes your fancy, or a traditional choice of your ideal home.

For bugs and bees there are whole worlds for you to inhabit including lovely houses of your pick, sustainably made wooden structures filled with all the materials you need, and different shapes and sizes for all species. If you enjoy the wetter environment, there is a brand-new installment of a wildlife pond for you to practice your backstroke in, fitted in the secreted clearing by the hedgehog house (more on that one later).

Creative Homes for Creatures at Rye community gardens

If you prefer something of a grander design, there is something waiting in store for you. A full (bug) sized Ziggurat of Ur, for you to conduct all your sacrifices in. This incredible temple, dedicated to all bugs’ needs has a range of housing options within the temple, as well as having soaring staircases and towering walls to intimidate even your human neighbors.

For those larger mammals who also need a home, never fear, there is more in this garden than expected. By the wildlife pond, there is your dream residence, a Hobbit hole style hedgehog home. If you prefer the colorful way of life, there is a stunning choice for you, a wonderful hand-painted residence awaits; a sophisticated and roomy venue for all your late hog-nights.

Creative Homes for Creatures at Rye community gardens

So come to the Rye Community and Wildlife Garden, homes mentioned above operate on a first come, first served basis,teas & coffees available on request.

Here is the list of Awards presented on Saturday 16th September to the humans who made the Creature Homes as part of Rye Arts Festival:

Dominic Manning, won half the awards:
Most Sustainable,
Best for Bats,
Best for Other Creatures,
Best in Show,
People’s Choice Award!

Other awardees:
Most Artistic: Charlie Howdle
Best for Birds: Heidi Foster (with help from Graham Ellis!)
Best for Bees: Nigel Jennings
Best Youth Creation: Oriana Marrs

Special thanks to everyone who donated prizes: The Brewery Yard Club, The Kind Table, Rye Heritage Centre, Garden Gems, Graham Ellis, and Dena Smith Ellis (sorry if anyone has been left out).

With thanks also to all the Rye Community and Wildlife Garden volunteers for such a fantastic event.


Image Credits: Kt bruce .

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