Dixter in autumn clothes


There is an old Japanese proverb: “All come to see the cherry tree when it is in full bloom, but they are truly sincere who come to admire it when the blossoms have fallen” and I was reminded of this when visiting Great Dixter gardens at Northiam last week where the blooms of spring and summer were now a memory.

Dixter border

This was the time for a more discerning visit. Luckily, I was with Colin Page who guided my inexpert eye to see things I would not have noticed.  (You might also like to see Colin’s Art of Seeing – an article that Rye News wrote about Colin Page five years ago). Great Dixter gardens  are open Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 4pm until November 29, but check the website for up to date information and to book.

This was an “awe walk” to remember on a sunny November day. Christopher Lloyd is right to say in his book “Gardening Year” that good weather in November is not as rare as you think. Enjoy Colin’s wonderful images in the gallery below:

Image Credits: Colin Page , John Hart , Colin |Page .

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