Garden needs fencing help


Since inception in August 2015, the Community Garden has come along in leaps and bounds – or should I say in periodic spurts as we access suitable funding streams! On this front, 2019 has already been an exceptional year with the successful installation of the compost toilet (funding from Awards For All) and the first stretch of all-weather pathway laid (Toyota Community Fund).

But, ever ambitious, we haven’t finished yet: during October we are expecting to lay the second stretch of all-weather pathway courtesy of the Sussex Lund Fund. However, all of this hard work serves only to highlight what hasn’t yet been achieved – the erection of the safety fencing down the ramp, from the entrance gate on Love Lane to what where the new all-weather pathway will begin!

It’s not for want of trying: we have the requisite picket fencing and most of the posts are in but we’re missing the one vital ingredient to make it all come together – someone with a drill and some spare time which could be filled doing this ‘good deed’.

Three summers ago we almost made it but our ‘man with a drill’ took himself off to Cumbria – for very good reasons I hasten to add – and the fencing/posts have languished ever since.

There are two final work sessions this month – September 28 and 30 – but we will also be doing the preparatory work for the pathway in October so it would round off a super year if we could get the picket fencing installed… any takers?

If you’d like to help us please get in touch via our Facebook page:
We would be so grateful!

Image Credits: Pip Al-Khafaji .

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